August 2010: Hot Summer Days

First Gallery

August 04-18: The work "galuega" officially began on June 2010, but these pictures started from this particular days. Many pictures have been lost, but this is all the pictures that we could save. So we share the memories of the hard work.


Second Gallery

August 19-31: During the hot summer days, they worked on the perimeter of the foundation. On the side of the foundation, they incorporated the metal bars four (4) levels all around, so the foundation will completely solid, secure, and un-destroyable. In addtion, the plywood was inserted all around the edges of the foundation to secure the cement pouring and shape the walls of the foundation.

September 2010: Foundation

First Gallery

September 01-08: These pictures shows for a month worth, but this was just a weeks worth. Each picture explains what Tama/Agaitupu, A'oa'o Solomona, and the boys went thru. 


Second Gallery



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