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The First Samoan Congregational Christian Church (FSCCC) in Sacramento was established on July 09, 1989.  FSCCC became an official member of the Ekalesia Fa'alapotopotoga Kerisiano i America Samoa (EFKAS- our mother church in American Samoa), serving the San Francisco Parish (Pulega a San Francisco).


In February of 1989, Reverand Salesa Fa'alau traveled to Reno, NV with his wife Temukisa Fa'alau and their children for a family event.  While passing through Sacramento Valley, Reverand Fa'alau said he "felt God's calling upon me to go to this place."  After returning from his family trip, Reverand Fa'alau planned his next move; Sacramento.


His mission to find Samoan people who were willing to start a new Church was rewarded when he found a small group who were also looking for a Samoan service Church to attend.  This small group of pioneers dedicated a great deal of their time helping Reverand Fa'alau find members around the Sacramento region. They spent many free weekends in search of a permanent place to hold their services, instead of their weekly worships in a members living room. They began renting at the Emmanuel Baptist Church on Kieffer Boulevard which lasted over five years. In 1995 they moved to the Pioneer Congregational Christian Church on L Street, where they fellowshipped for over 4 years. Although it seemed impossible to dream big, because they had less than 10 families serving, they continued to push forward with the planning of FSCCC's future. This included purchasing a land, as well as building a Church. Over the years, many families joined our Congregation.  Some still remain, others moved on due to career changes, relocation due to family matters, and others on their own accord.


On February 20, 1999 FSCCC purchased a five acre land in Natomas, Sacramento, CA. This was the beginning of a long, yet faithful journey for the FSCCC families.  In August of 1999, a major conference for the San Francisco Parish took place in Sacramento, CA. After this meeting, several Pastor's and members of the SF Parish joined our Congregation to bless our new property.  There was a big feast that followed, and the hopes and dreams of our Congregation soared even higher; and so we continued our quest for financial assistance to build our very own church building.  


Over the years, we held numerous fundraisers including Luau's, Family Nights, Talent shows, Bakes sales, and Car washes.  We also ran our own Bingo and later on started working for Florin Bingo (which we continue to work today). We traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and other neighboring cities to fundraise amongst our sister churches, all in hopes to raise enough money to start building our Church. The support we received from all whom we reached out to surpased our expectations and we were humbled by their generosity and hospitality.


On January 30, 2012, Reverand Fa'alau and FSCCC officers had their first meeting with members of DOC and Reverand Taulau (who introduced us to DOC prior to this meeting). After their initial meeting, it was decided that FSCCC would become members of the DOC under the "Under Care Status."  We became active in their functions and gatherings, allowing us to share our Culture with our non-Samoan brothers and sisters.  In June 2012, we were blessed with financial assistance from DOC which allowed us to continue with the building our Church. 


However, our organization did not just fundraise and ask for a lending hand.  We reached out to help our community in different ways that benefited many whom we came in contact with.  Our Youth group started their Homeless Feeding Program in 2010, and continued to provide this service until we began our building project. This is when our focus shifted and our Youth began volunteering their weekends and free time to the building of God's house.  In 2012, our Church sponsored a Fashion Show to benefit and promote Breast Cancer awareness. Also, when disaster struck our islands of Samoa, we set up our Hall as the Headquarters for all donations to be transported to Red Cross to help aid our people.  We did the same for victims of Haiti, Japan, and India.  Once our Church is completed, our Congregation plans to continue their support of the emergency relief aid programs, as well as the Homeless Feeding Program.


Today, we look forward to the dedication of our new church building.  On April 26, 2014 we will witness the wonderful works of God's hands and the blessings He has bestwoed upon our Congregation.  We will sing out "hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest". God continuously pushed us forward just as Moses led His children out of Egypt and into the Promise land.  It was not an easy feat, and at times our faith was weary. We faced countless challenges, endured many obstacles, and at times we did not see eye to eye. We have also experienced sorrow and grief. Our loved ones who have passed on are: Layman Lopa Tiamu Sr. and Sefelina Lopa, Talua Sega, Ipuauro Lelei, Vae P Tagaloa and Lanu Tagoa'i Tagaloa, Head Deacon-Leaupepe Julius Lutali, and Ututofo Malaga. However, even in the face of adversity and grief, God continued to shine His light upon us giving us the courage and strength to carry on.


Together with God's mighty hands, our Reverand Fa'alau's steady teachings, our elders constant prayers, our Youth's eagerness and commitment, and our young children's future in our hearts, WE, as a Congregation, stood the test of time. Together we turned a 20 year dream into a reality. We began this journey with a few members; we gained and lost a few over the years; and up to this point of our journey, only thirteen Church families (Matafale's) remain. These families are: Rev. Fa'alau family; Malae family; Tofi family; Lopa family; Lutali family; Malaga family; Toele family; Nua family; Tupe family; Ulufale family; Samifua family; Sahourieh family; and, Ta'amu family.  These survivors did not falter when the storms hit; They did not run for cover, nor did they flee.  These few survivors continued to nurture the small Mustard Seed, until "it grew, and became a large tree."  [Luke 13:18-19]  Today we call that tree, "Laumua ole Olataga."



FSCCC-Laumua...Malo lava le galulue ma le fa'amaoni, male le fa'alagolago i tigᾱ. Malo le finau male filigᾱ! Ua taunu'u ai nei upu ole pese a le Faifeau o Tamasese Moegagogo, "Pese mai laia ma le fiafia, oe le Laumua o Kalefonia. Lou aso lea sa tu'upoina, le manu lea ua i ou lima.  Lou Falesa ua mae'a, utu lou tagi ma lou tigᾱ.  O lau avega ua tu'u mᾱmᾱ, ua tu...ua tu nei o le failᾱ. Le mauga, le la'oa'i, male tupua o lona suafa... Laumua ole Olataga.  Tele aso sa e lailoa, saili malo pea male fita.  Lau tagavai ia manatua, Laumua - tautua le Atua."  I le suafa manumalo o Iesu Keriso, Amene. 






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