Throughout the week, we have power meetings starting Saturday morning Prayer Worship Our prayer warriors gather at 6:00A.M. to lift in prayers our families, friends, visitors, sister Churches and their families, community and its goings-on, our Country men & women fighting for our Freedom, our Country – USA and our home, American Samoa/Samoa, and other requests they receive.  We hold Youth services every other Friday evening, allowing our youth and young adults to paticipate in worship praise and testimonials.  They delve into various topics from the Bible to help develop their love and understanding of God's word.  And, the most import members of our Church, our children, enjoy learning the word of God during Sunday School.  Our teachers prepare different activities and games that help to fuel their minds, as well as their hearts. 


Our Community is important to our Congregation because we have been blessed by many Churches, organizations, businesses, and others who have lended a helping hand through the years.  To give back, our Youth established the FSCCC Homeless Feeding Program as a way to help those who are less fortunate. You can learn more about this program on our Outreach Program link.  Also, in the past our Congregation was the Headquarters for collecting items to aid the victims affected by the Tsunami's that hit Samoa, India, and Haiti.  Our Congregation plans to continue our efforts to support our Emergency Relief Aid programs, assisting with collecting of materials and food for the victims.


Again, we encourage you to stop by for a visit.  Come to one of our services, perhaps our Youth service, and share your testimony.  Drop in on a Saturday morning and pray with our prayer warriors.  If you have children, bring them to our Sunday School so they can enjoy our lessons, games, and singing.  We believe that God breaks down all barriers!   So join us, and let's give praise together.


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