Thank you for stopping by. Please continue to keep our "galuega" church building project in your prayers as we continue this journey. And for those who are earnestly praying for our congregation: GOD BLESS YOU.



2009 Photo Gallery: Done.


2010 Photo Gallery: At the moment, under constructions, but there are a few galleries posted.


2011 Photo Gallery: N/A


2012 Photo Gallery: N/A


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February 2013:(more pictures to come)

As you continue to browse within all the galleries, the captions explains in a few details. However, for the month of February 2013, the next phase the "Agaitupu" (Toma Palu Sr., aka Project Director), A'oa'o Solomona, and the boys are covering the roof with plywood. Continue to visit as the month ends for more updates of our "galuega" (church construction project).

January 2013: New Year

As the year begins, the "galuega" has started out with the Agaitupu and Salamalama/construction workers work the front main entrance of the church building, covering the roof. In this front main entrance of the church building its a two floors that consist of two sets of stairs, one on the east, and the other on the west wing of the church. First floor consists of a few offices, bathrooms, and the main hallway into the church/sanctuary. Second floor consists of the nursery and Sunday School classrooms. They also completed the white trimming on the front of the church and the perimeter of the church.


Many days in January, its rain or shine Agaitupu and Salamalama are on the church site working as much as they can.   The second gallery for January has other angles of the church "galuega." Stay tune for more information and details.

December 2012: Birth of Christ

The season of rebirth and for us to reflect over the year of 2012 of the trials and tribulations that we have been through. Christmas is the season to remind us of the real meaning of love, faith, strength, humbleness, guidence, and direction is born again to prepare us for 2013 of challenges.


December, Agaitupu, A'oa'o Solomona, and Salamalama/construction workers has been thru many difficult decision making on the church site. Some experience the new skills everyday, but with the LORD by their side, they are put to the test.  Most days, they are high off the ground (about 20 feet) with the harnesses that they tie to the church building, hoping that they will not fall if they miss a step. 


The second gallery entails other views of the church site on different days as well. And also a tour from 20 feet off the ground.

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